Its a strange thought to think you might forget parts from your wedding day, but memories do fade. Especially when it’s been 10, 20 or 30+ years. With the help of a wedding album you will be able to look back and remember those special moments, those lath out load moments and those moments you want to hold on to forever. Couples will be able to look through their wedding album anytime they wish, especially during anniversaries and when family and friends come visit. Taking out an album is much easier than having to search for digital files. And truth be told, digital copies can be lost. As much as everyone trusts in electronic media to store important files, it’s imperative to remember that e-files can get lost, corrupted or deleted.

Why Should a Bride Invest in a Wedding Album?

Today we can take a photography and then instantly share it online. Having the ability to do this with your wedding pictures is amazing you can share your big day with friends the other side of the world instantly.  An album is different it tells a story, your story the story of your big day in a way digital files simply can’t do.  The wedding album will be there for years to come.  Its a keep safe you can simply pull out and slip through.  Share it with your friends and family when they visit sit down and flip through the album and reminisce about your perfect day.  A wedding album is a focused amount of images that tell the story of the wedding, from venue preparations and getting ready, to walking down the aisle, to cutting the cake.  Online albums can hold hundreds of photos and the viewer only spends a few seconds as they glad through the vast amount of images.  The wedding album is different, its much more social and accessible to pass around.

The dress, the cake, and the flowers will only be used once, but a wedding album will last a lifetime.

Your Story

Your Wedding album tells the story of your big day.  Each of the carefully selected images shows a different moments in the story of your day.  The wedding album normally starts at the beginning of the day with the bride getting ready with the support of the brides maids.  The venue set up exactly how you dreamed capturing all the little details you will want to remember as well as the important people in your life as they arrive to your big day.  The album continues through your day normally each section of the day is split by a transitional image which helps tell the story.  Professional photographers are mindful of your wedding album as they capture your day,  they will be sure to take photos of smaller details such as the cake
cutter, cufflinks or shoes.

When making the physical album the photographer normally using different techniques that can help emphasise special moments through out your day.  For example, white space can be used to really draw focus to a photo of the bride walking down the aisle, or the first kiss.



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