Huntsman Inn West Yorkshire – Holmfirth – Hanna & Tom

This Wednesday I had the privilege to attend Hanna and Toms wonderful wedding at the Huntsman Inn West Yorkshire. The Huntsman Inn is nestled high above Saddleworth Moor just outside Holmfirth village, West Yorkshire. Its location is truly breathtaking, surrounded by the rolling Pennines and just minutes from the Manchester border. This was a truly wonderful day filled with love and happiness. I will let Hanna explain how her and Tom met. “Me and Tom met in our local dive bar, the parish pub in Huddersfield. We was outside chatting, I offered him a boiled sweet, he accepted but then it made a bid for freedom out of his mouth and plopped into my rum and coke. I was heartbroken as I didn’t realise and thought someone had thrown something at me. Eventually he admitted what had happened and bought me another one. We where inseparable instantly. A few days later Tom went away to visit his parents in Cumbria (around the time there was big floods) he was stranded and we did nothing but message and try and figure out ways to get him home. Me and Tom lived together with his best man and his friend paddy then eventually we moved to cumbria. This is where we got engaged, on the beach visiting the dead porpoise that had beached. We went to look at it regularly as I found its state of decay fascinating… romantic I know. Thankfully he proposed on the beach nowhere near the actual dead animal. We loved living in Cumbria, Toms parents became my own. We went walking and camping and had little weekends away. We moved back to Huddersfield as I missed my parents too much. I am very close to my mum, she is so precious to me. ” I am so excited to share the selection of images from their big day. 2018-08-12_0010.jpg 2018-08-12_0003.jpg 2018-08-12_0004.jpg 2018-08-12_0001.jpg 2018-08-12_0002.jpg 2018-08-12_0007.jpg 2018-08-12_0006.jpg 2018-08-12_0008.jpg 2018-08-12_0005.jpg 2018-08-12_0009.jpg 2018-08-12_0011.jpg 2018-08-12_0013.jpg 2018-08-12_0012.jpg 2018-08-12_0014.jpg 2018-08-12_0015.jpg 2018-08-12_0016.jpg 2018-08-12_0017.jpg 2018-08-12_0018.jpg 2018-08-12_0020.jpg 2018-08-12_0019.jpg 2018-08-12_0022.jpg 2018-08-12_0021.jpg 2018-08-12_0024.jpg 2018-08-12_0023.jpg 2018-08-12_0026.jpg 2018-08-12_0025.jpg 2018-08-12_0027.jpg 2018-08-12_0028.jpg 2018-08-12_0030.jpg 2018-08-12_0029.jpg 2018-08-12_0033.jpg 2018-08-12_0034.jpg 2018-08-12_0031.jpg 2018-08-12_0032.jpg 2018-08-12_0035.jpg 2018-08-12_0038.jpg 2018-08-12_0037.jpg 2018-08-12_0036.jpg 2018-08-12_0042.jpg 2018-08-12_0039.jpg 2018-08-12_0041.jpg 2018-08-12_0040.jpg 2018-08-12_0043.jpg 2018-08-12_0046.jpg 2018-08-12_0045.jpg 2018-08-12_0044.jpg 2018-08-12_0049.jpg 2018-08-12_0050.jpg 2018-08-12_0047.jpg 2018-08-12_0048.jpg