Every story has a beginning and this is yours.  I absolutely love Bridal Prep. It’s lovely arriving to the sound of laughter and excitement as you and your favourite ladies all get ready. I love telling the story of your wedding through natural heartfelt images and a very key part of this is the preparations. Its where the story starts. All those little details you’ve spent years thinking about. Your beautiful dress and all the bridal fittings and tears that go with it. All the little details are part of your wedding and i love to photograph them.

Sometimes brides can be conscious having photographs at this point; their imaginations conjure up visions of wandering round in their underwear with hair in a messy bun and no make up on. Trust me, I get it, this is me every day when i’m not shooting a wedding! But, your photographer is highly skilled so trust them to create beautiful natural photos and just try to relax. I’m really informal so i usually spend much of the morning chatting and laughing with the girls and snapping away in between.

Here’s a couple of things that can make bridal preparations so much easier and help you get the beautiful photos you’re hoping for:


When you look at accommodation make sure you get a room big enough for the number of people you’ll be having there on the mooring. There’s nothing more stressful than being cooped up in a tiny hotel room with you and 5 bridesmaids, a makeup artist, hair stylist and photographer. Ask to see the room if you can’t see photos online and make sure there’s plenty of natural light, your make up artist and photographer will love you for it and your photographs will be so much better!


I love the beautiful details and i’ll usually start with these when i arrive in the morning. I’ll capture the dress hanging up, the shoes, flowers and anything meaningful like special jewellery or keepsakes. Quite often dresses are on the original hanger from the dress shop, but its worth digging out a nice wooden/plain hanger for the photos and hanging the dress somewhere well lit.

Natural Wedding Photography

My style is very natural and as such I don’t usually move things around too much, I might hang the dress up in a window if that works better, but i don’t usually move things from the background and whilst creative camera angles can hide an element of the mess, its worth asking a bridesmaid to have a little tidy around before your photographer arrives. I’m not suggesting putting all your worldly belongings in a drawer, just move those Tesco bags if you don’t want them in your photos!


The most relaxed weddings i’ve seen have been the ones where the bride was ready an hour before she needed to leave the room. Your make up and hair artists will discuss timings with you, if you want photos of you fully ready, photos of the moment your dad sees you for the first time, it’s worth getting ready a bit earlier. Some dresses can take 20 minutes to get into, and if you’re getting married anywhere other than a church the registrar will want to see you around 15 minutes before. Factor all these things in and get ready a little earlier, at worst you’ll have time to have an extra glass of fizz to calm your nerves!

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