Your Story Starts Here...

Its the start of your wedding day, the start of the next chapter in your life, the beginning of your story.  I love the bridal prep part of a wedding day so many emotions, so much excitement as the day you have been dreaming of for so long is starting to come true.  Sometimes brides can be a little apprehensive about having a photographer at this point.  I’m sure their imaginations run away with them selfs.  Trust me there is nothing to worry about.  I normally start with the wedding details, your wedding dress your shoes I try and keep everything relaxed and informal.  I know when is a good point to capture the makeup being applied and when is not.  Most of all have fun and enjoy it.

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bride preparation at Hazelwood Castle wedding day


Size in not always everything, but when it comes to bridal preparations I always say bigger is always better.  The room will soon fill up when you have bridesmaids, make up artist hairdressers and then a photographer you need to ensure there is enough room.  On your wedding day you want to keep the stress levels down, having a hotel room that’s to small will soon increase the stress.  If you can take a look at the room before hand and work out where the make up artist and hair dresser will go.  Natural light is amazing for both photography and applying make up, so if you can get a room with amazing natural light its a win win situation.

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Timing really is key at this point in the day.  It’s the start of your day and can quickly have a knock-on effect on the rest of your day.  The most relaxed wedding that I have been a part of are the ones where the bridal party is ready an hour before she is wanting to leave the room.  This might seem a long time before the wedding but it means that you can relax, it also means we can use this time to capture some pictures of you and your bridal party or even a reveal to family members.  If you are wanting these pictures once in your dress it’s worth factoring these into your Timmings.  It’s also worth looking at your wedding dress I have known some dresses to take 20 or more minutes to get in to.  What’s the worst that can happen if you ready early?  You get to chill with your bridal party and have enough glass of fizz.  

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It's all in the Detail.

Your wedding details are special to you I love to take a moment away from bridal prep to capture these for you.  These can be anything from your wedding dress, the rings to something more personal.  These are normally one of the first things I photograph when I arrive at bridal prep, if you can have them all ready to go that is always a big help.  I recently made a blog all about your wedding details where I talk about 5 tips for stunning detail images.

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Try and Keep it Tidy.

I completely understand, it’s your wedding day, it’s so flipping exciting.  But a pile of Tesco bags in the background of your bride prep pictures I’m guessing is not the look you are going for.  Creating camera angles and editing can hide a lot of things keeping things tidy not only helps you but also help your pictures.  Most of all enjoy it.  This is the start of your wedding day.

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