Winter Wedding Planning

Planning a winter wedding?  Below I take a look at the differences between a winter wedding and things that you might want to think about.  I’ll let you into a secret, I love winter weddings.  There is just something special and cozy about those early winter sunset, fairy lights, candles winter weddings really can be special.

Does a Winter Wedding Work for You?

This really is the big question which only you can answer.  As I have said about I love a winter wedding but they do come with some pros and cons which you will want to consider before committing.  If your idea of a wedding is all of your friends and family outside having a good time if your not a fan of the cold then a summer wedding might be more fitting for what you are wanting.  If you are a fan of the cold like to get wrapped up and feel all snug then a winter wedding might be more to your liking.  We are all different and only you will know what will work and what kind of wedding you are dreaming of.

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Timing is Key.

A huge consideration for a winter wedding is timing.  In the summer the sun might not be set until 9 pm giving planting of time for pictures and outdoor activities.  In the winter in the UK the sun could be set as early as 4 pm.  If you then decide to have a later wedding ceremony you might end up not having a lot of daylight to play with, this intern could mean your wedding pictures might suffer.  I can absolutely make the most of the interiors of your wedding venue and capture some stunning pictures inside, but if you are wanting pictures on the grounds of your wedding venue then it’s always worth looking at what time the sun sets on your wedding day.

There is a plus side to the sun setting earlier tho, we can take advantage and capture some twilight images.  If you are wanting twilight images in the summer you normally need to wait until later in to the evening.  In the winter months we can take advantage of the darker evenings and use the darkness to our advantage allowing us to capture some stunning twilight images.

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Winter Wedding Venue.

Does your venue work in the winter?  This is something to consider.  You might have visited your venue in the summer months when the venue has lush areas and beautiful flowered gardens, but what does it look like in the winter months?  As much as it’s worth thinking about the exteriors of the venue it’s also worth thinking about the interior.  With the British weather what it is, we might need to more the wedding pictures indoors.  Is there space to hold the group formal pictures inside?  These are all things to consider, the venue’s wedding coordinator should be able to help answer most of these for you.

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