What to Wear For Your Family Studio Photoshoot

You have booked your family in for a studio photo shoot, but what do you wear?  This has to be one of the most asked questions.  Personal styling is something that’s both very personal to you and very subjective, for that reason I am not picky about what you and your family ware to the sessions.  I am happy to offer some guidance on what to ware and ways to get the most out of your studio session.  Don’t forget the clothing is nothing to get stressed about, it won’t make or break your session, I want it to be about you and your family personality and I really want that to shine through.

It needs to be comfortable and make you feel good.

This is the number one rule, what ever you choose to ware make sure that it is comfortable and makes you feel good.  This goes for every member of the family.  This will help every one relax and generally feel good about them selfs.  In the studio there will be some sitting and moving about, you won’t want to ware anything that’s restrictive and will limit what you can do.  

A change of outfit?

The studio I use has a place where you are able to change your outfit, this means we can get a number of different looks and feels to the images.

Not always matching but a theme

Some degree of colour matching between every one in the family can look amazing on camera, it really helps bring you all together.  But you don’t have to be an exact match.  My best advice is to keep in smiler and try and keep the amount of colours to between 1 and 3.  In the example below the family are prodomantly wearing blue, but they all have different shades as well as a different garment, t-shirt, jumper and denim shirts.  They are not an exact match but the similarity between them all help pull them together in the picture.