Sandhole Oak Barn - Katie & Pete

bride and groom in the sunshine at Sandhole Oak Barn

A Sunny Wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn.

On Saturday I had the privilege to be a part of Katie and Pete’s Wedding day at Sandhole Oak Barn.  What a wonderful day it was!

Katie and Pete had chosen Sandhole Oak Barn for their wedding venue.  Which is located in Congleton.  Sandhole Oak Barn is family-run and owned and has been in the Worth family since the 1920’s.  Sandhole Oak Barn first began inviting bride and groom to hold their wedding day with them in 1995 and since then they have become one of the best wedding venues in the North West.  There are a number of different locations throughout the grounds perfect for wedding photography pictures, from the impressive lake to the barn buildings.

Why did Katie and Pete pick Sandhole Oak Barn for their wedding day?

We were never going to get married in a church so a barn was the obvious option, we saw quite a few and felt they were missing something. Once we saw sandhole oak barn we knew it was the right place for us, the barn and the surrounding area was immaculate and we loved the added extra of having a beautiful lake right next where we were going to be getting married. We knew straight away that this would be a perfect setting for a beautiful wedding and a great party afterwards. From seeing this venue for the first time we could see the varied beautiful location that would give us the best options for unique wedding day photos for us to remember the day for many years to come.

The Katie and Pete Story.

We met 6 years ago, I (Pete) had just moved back to Manchester after 2 years studying in Birmingham. Katie had been in Manchester studying and was then working in a school. We met online, and I think we were both a bit anxious about actually meeting in person, however I persevered after Katie bailed on our first meeting because being the awesome lady she is she was comforting her friend who had just ended a relationship. We hit it off right away and had great night, I saw her again 2 days later and she has never left my side since.

2/3 years later I decided it was the right time to lock Katie down and proposed to her. My plan was to propose before her 30th Birthday, I was just about to start a new job so I had the perfect excuse to take us out for a nice meal and a night out…little did she know I was going to ask her to marry me (she might have known but if she did she didn’t let on). I decided I was going to ask her to marry me at the Christmas Markets in Manchester, in front of the town hall, somewhere we go every year. However my plans didn’t quite go to plan as the whole place was heaving and there was a huge queue for the cash machine, so I had to think on my feet and find somewhere else to go. Luckily shortly down the road there was a popup Christmas bar that had live music and was quite close to the restaurant we were eating at later on. My plan was to take Katie for a walk around the building in Spinningfields that was lit up, however I couldn’t convince Katie we needed to go so early to the restaurant without giving it away that I was going to propose, we had a another drink (possibly one to many for me) and I ended up almost shouting will you marry me in front of the huge Christmas tree outside the bar we were in… I got a ring, just a cheap one to use to propose as I wanted her to pick the ring she wanted…. what I didn’t realise was it was massive and would never have stayed on her finger, after I apologised for the terrible ring choice she said yes!!

There are many things I love about Katie; she is kind, caring, super smart, far smarter than me (she has 2 degrees!!). She’s incredibly funny, often without knowing it. She makes me laugh at least once a day, She’s hard working and amazing at her job, something I couldn’t do as she works with vulnerable children which is just one example of the compassion she has. She’s incredibly beautiful. We do loads of amazing things together but I truly realise how much I love her when we are just sat doing nothing, having a drink at home, listening to music or watching Tv and chatting sh*t as these are some of my favourite memories of our time together.

How to follow that?! Pete is definitely the more articulate out of the pair of us and I guess that is why we work well together. Where I can be quite shy (until I’ve had liquid courage), he is the life of the party and where I often fuss about small details, Pete looks at the bigger picture and tells me to stop worrying! I like to think we complement each other. I love that Pete brings me out of my comfort zones and makes me try new things – sometimes I regret this!! *insert pictures of before and after I went on the tower of terror ride at Disney and when he taught me to drive on the motorway and I nearly went straight over a roundabout* What I love most is that I can truly be “me” with Pete and that he’s not only my fiancé but he’s my best friend.

Bride and groom on their wedding day at 37-Sandhole-Oak-Barn

The Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Day

Sandhole Oak Barn is somewhere I have had the privilege to photograph before, and it was really nice to be back and this wonderful venue.  The day started with bridal preparations which took place in the dressing room at Sandhole Oak Barn.  Katie and her bridesmaids were in good spirits as they had their hair and make-up done, ready for the wedding day ahead.  It was not long before the groom and his groomsmen had arrived to get ready.  Sandhole Oak Barn has a wonderful little hut where the groom and and his groomsmen can get ready for the day ahead.  We were able to capture some images of the boys getting ready and enjoying a drink before making our way to the ceremony.

bridesmaid having her make up done before the wedding at Sandhole oak barn
Sandhole oak barn
grooms man at the Shepards hut at Sandhole oak barn on their wedding day

As we moved through to the ceremony room Sandhole oak barn looked stunning!  A perfect setting for any wedding day.  Pete looked a little nervous as the guests started to make their way into the wedding ceremony room and he waited at the end of the aisle for his bride.  Before long it was time to be upstanding and welcome the bride Katie.  With the traditional giving and receiving of the rings and sealed with a kiss Pete and Katie were officially Husband and Wife.  

The day continued with the group formal wedding pictures with some wonderful pictures of friends and family looking their very best with Katie and Pete.  It was a very hot day so we did ashort portrait sessions with both the bride and groom before it was time for the traditional wedding breakfast followed by speeches.  The food from Sandhole oak barn was outstanding but was only the appetiser before the main event, the wedding day speeches, lots of fun, and laughter made so many opportunity’s for candid images.

As the wedding day progressed the temperature dropped and we were able to take the couple for a second wedding portrait session.  As the temperature had dropped and it was a lot cooler outside we were able to capture some relaxed images between Pete and Katie.  Before long it was time for the cutting of the cake and the first dance of the newly married couple.  Then dancing!  It was so nice to see wedding guests finally able to dance after the lifting of covid restrictions.

Pete and Katie had booked a wedding photography package that included twilight images, after the sun had started to set and it was a little darker outside, we took the couple for one final image where we made hearts with sparklers and sprayed some Champaign, you can view the twilight images above.

Many congratulations to both Katie and Pete and a huge thank you for having me as your wedding photographer on your wedding day it was a huge privilege.  You can view a selection of images from the wedding day below.

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Bride and groom on their wedding day at 37-Sandhole-Oak-Barn