Album Design

This page is designed to help you design your perfect wedding album.  At Dave Waller Photography I want to help you create an album that is truly you. That is why I offer a number of different options to help you achieve this. If at any time you need any help then please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help. When choosing colours they may vary slightly and the best effort has been made to make them as accurate as possible.


Please check which album is included in your package.  If you wish to upgrade your album or add any parent albums you can do this at any time before ordering.  Please just let me know.

20 x 20 Exclusive Parent Album

– £200,

– 20 Pages

– £9 Per additional 2 pages,

– An exact copy of the main wedding album

– Perfect as gift for parent, friends & family.

25 x 25 Exclusive Wedding Album

– 20 Pages

– £15 Per additional 2 Pages

– Additional Album, £350

30 x 30 Acrylic Prestige Album

– £80 Upgrade,

– 20 Pages

– £18 Per additional 2 Pages,

– Additional Album £360

Step 1
Choose Your Images

First thing we need for your wedding album is wedding pictures.  From your online gallery simply select the ones you would like included and add them as a favourite.  You can choose as many images as you would like for your album.  Different images will suite different styles in your album.  Some will make amazing double-page spreads.  Other images will look better as a collage.  You can add more pages to your album up to a total of 80.  Due to the manufacturing process, you must add pages in additions of two. On average I normally include about 3 images per double page.

When choosing the images its also important to choose a number of images from each part of your day so your wedding albums tells the complete story of your wedding.

Step 2
Choose Your Cover Colour

Do you choose your wedding day colour?  Do you match it with your living room?  Or do you just go with your favourite?  Its time to pick your album cover colour and material.  There is a wide selection to pick from including leatherette, textiles and even velvet.  I am pleased to say that all the materials used are vegan friendly.  Once you have chosen your cover just make a note of the number under it.  (click the images to enlarge them)

Leatherettes  (click the images to enlarge)
Textiles (click the images to enlarge)
Due Textiles (click the images to enlarge)
Velvet & Suede Textiles (click the images to enlarge)
Step 3
Choose Your Inside Colour

This is the colour that goes inside the cover on both the front and the back.  There are 3 choices to choose from making it nice and easy for you.  This colour helps put the finishing touches to your wedding album making it truly personal and unique to you.  Chose from the following,

– Black

– White

– Ecru

Step 4
Email Your Choices

Once you have decided on all of the above simply send over your choices in an email to me.  Once your album is designed I will send you over a proof copy for you to look over from here you can let me know about any changes you wish to make.  Once you have signed off your design it will be sent for production.  From signing off your album to delivery is normally about 2 weeks.  If you have any question then please do let me know.

Enhance your Album

You have the option to enhance your wedding album helping to make it truly unique and truly you!  The following Enhancements are completely optional and not all enhancement are compatible with each other.  If you wish to enhance your album please include this in your email.

Cut out Window with Image

An image can be added to the front of the 25 x 25 Exclusive Album or on any sized box.

– £20

Metal Corners

Metal corners can be added to any wedding album.

 – £10

– Gold or Silver

Album Box

Hand made with you selection of material and colour.  You can chose to match your album or choose something different.  Cut out window and text are optional extras

 – £60