How do I book you?
There are a number of ways; you can fill in the contact me form attached to this site. You can send me a direct message found on the social media pages, or you contact me via email or good old fashioned telephone!! Either way, I don’t bite and I would love to hear from you.
Do we have to pay a deposit?
In short, yes. This is simply a way to ensure that your session date is secured. The cost is £100.
Do you have insurance?
I absolutely do! I think it is paramount that you double check when choosing your photographer that they do have insurance.
What editing software do you use?
I only normally use Lightroom and don’t often use Photoshop. I like to simply enhance the image and not change it completely
How long will it take to receive my edited images?
I normally allow up to 2 weeks for you to receive your images. Normally it is much quicker than this depending on the season. Summer is a busier time than winter.
Whats the Couple Shoot?
The couple shoot is a chance to get a little more creative. (if you fancy). Here is where I can spend a little more time getting those really special romantic shots. Don’t panic I will keep things chilled, relaxed and fun. I won’t have you standing in painful poses for hours on end.
Do we get all the images you take?
On a Full Days wedding photography you should expect to receive between 400 to 800 photographs. I won’t limit you to this many if we take more then don’t panic you will receive more. I will simply give you all the images that we don’t dispose of. This could be for a number of reasons, I normally take test shots, and a number of shots of the same thing to avoid people blinking or pulling faces, we won’t include those in your final gallery.

My photography style is a mix of completely natural documentary photography throughout the day with some creative but naturalcouple portraits and fun, relaxed group shots.

Quite simply, for me documentary photography for me is about telling a story. The story of your most special day from start to finish, with no awkward posing or being intrusive, just real moments from the day. People say that you will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory and I truly believe that I help to preserve those memories by capturing each moment as it happens. Real moments, become real memories.


Quick Date Check

The Creative Part…

Creative Portraits – When it comes to photographs of you both together, I take just a very brief period away from the rest of the the guests for some relaxed portraits alone. I use this time to capture some creative shots of you both together. My approach is still very natural and relaxed, often a short walk in the grounds of your venue is enough.
Many of my couples tell me that they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and hate having any photographs taken. After the wedding the portraits are some of there favourite photographs from the day.


Natural, Unobtrusive, Documentary, Coverage.


Relaxed, Natural, Fun, Portraits.


Classic Group Shots

Award Winning Wedding Photography

At Dave Waller Photography I constantly strive to better myself and give couples the very best on their wedding day. I have recently entered the Guild of Wedding Photographers national competition. I entered the above 3 images and am delighted to say that I achieved a bronze award for each image.

The competition is based on photographic ability. The images are judged by a panel and the images are awarded on their merit.

See all of my award winning wedding photography images here.