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The rest of this page will tell you all you need to know about your up and comming couple shoot at Oakwell Hall Country Park.  We will meet up in a local park and take some relaxed images.  I will then edit these images and upload them to your secure password protected gallery.  From you gallery you can ever choose to get them printed with me or download them.  You have full print rights so you can print them at a location of you choosing.


Good to Know.

Your images may be used as part of my marketing.  They may be used on Instagram, Facebook, and my website.  I retain all copy right to the images.  You will have print rights which means you can print the images how and where you wish.  Because the British weather is what it is I am also totally flexible, so if you need to alter dates due to illness or the weather that’s fine, we are happy to re-arrange


Where shoot take place?

We will meet in the main car park at your selected time.

Find out more information about the park including how to get there by visiting their website here.


What should we wear?

This is completely up to you, this is your shoot and the images you will have to look back on. Some couples decide to dress up for their shoot, others choose a more relaxed and casual look.  Depending on how the weather has been it may be a little slippery under food, I would advise good shoes.


What happens after the shoot?

If you have any questions at all please send me a message.

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