My  style is natural, relaxed, documentry photography.  I know when to capture those special moments and also when to capture those candid moments which truly reflect your day

What to Expect



As you plan your wedding I am always available for questions and any help you need.  Some couple will ask me things and ask me to make recommendations.  You might also have booked or be looking at a couple shoot.  These give us an opportunity to get to know each other chat about your wedding day and get some amazing images of you both,   you can find information about my .  As the big day arrives I will send you over a questionnaire asking all the important information about your wedding day.  Timings, group shots etc, you can fill this in or we can arrange a meeting and fill it in together.  If we can’t meet in person don’t worry we can chat on the phone or Zoom to put you at ease.

Four weeks before your wedding your balance is due, which can be paid by via your client portal or bank transfer. Don’t panic I will send you over a reminder, with exactly how much to pay and how to pay. 


The getting ready part of a wedding day I absolutely love.  This part of the day is always filled with emotion and excitement for the day ahead.  Its the start of your wedding day and the first page not only of your wedding album but of a new chapter in your life.  This is it your big day is finally here!  Enjoy it, soak it up.

Where do I start with photographing it all?

My biggest piece of advice here is timing.  Getting ready can very easily run over.  I normally recommend about 2 hours of preparation photography.  This means things are not rushed and I can capture everything you would like but also keep things relaxed and not rushed.  When I arrive I normally start with the details, things like the wedding dress and shoes.  If you are getting ready at the venue this means I can also get some pictures of the venue and the ceremony room all set up and ready for you.

In terms of times for you, I recommend being dress and ready about half an hour before I need to leave for the ceremony.  I normally aim to be at the ceremony venue about 45 minutes before start time.  This means if its a 30-minute drive to the church I would aim to leave 1 hour and 15 minutes before the ceremony start time.  Pictures of you in your dress before the ceremony are important.  If you would like photos once dressed, reaction pictures etc you will need to allow for this in your timings.   You would be surprised how little things like having to pack a bag for the day, waiting for others to get dressed, a quick touch up, lacing a dress, attaching buttonholes or tying a bowtie can snowball.

Getting ready in a hotel can be a lot of fun, I always advise making sure that there is enough space for everyone to fit.  By the time makeup artists, hairdressers and then, of course, your photographer has arrived it can be a bit of a squeeze.  I am a big lover of natural light if you can try and get a room with good natural light, amazing.  Natural light is also perfect for makeup as well as photography, so a big win win.

Getting ready at home, amazing.  Its always so nice to capture people getting ready for their big day in their own home, in their space, surrounded by their personal things such as photos hanging on the wall.  It almost ads more to the pictures as you will be able to look back at your wedding pictures and remember how your house was.

bride at Hazlewood Castle on her wedding day
Hazel Gap Barn Wedding Photography | Nottinghamshire Wedding Photographer


I find this best done at the venue, depending on where the partner is getting ready we can arrange the best place.  I normally advise for the groom and groomsmen to arrive without ties and waist coasts on, we can then use these for the groom preparation images.  We keep things super relaxed and get some amazing images to help tell the start of your wedding day story.  It is also good to get some images of the groom and the groomsmen before the ceremony starts and the guest arrives.  A second photographer can also be an option.  One photographer can stay with the groom and the guests as they start to arrive while the other photographer can stay with the bridal party.  A second photographer is available in select Wedding Day Packages.

The Stables at Crossbutts Wedding Photography
The Oak Tree Of Peover Wedding Photographer | Manchester Wedding Photography​
Hazlewood Castle wedding photography


I have previously mentioned I like to arrive at your ceremony location approximately 45 minutes before the start time.  This gives me plenty of time to talk to the person conducting your ceremony, find the best location and of course capture some images of your guests as they arrive.

As you would expect most of my time during the ceremony I like to shoot from the front.  It’s literally the best seat in the house.  Don’t worry tho I can do so completely unobtrusively.  I might move a little to get in the best position for a different part of the ceremony.  For example, if you are having any readings, don’t worry tho again I will be completely unobtrusive.

A little word of warning, some officiants can be extremely strict about photography during the ceremony.  Once in the past, I have even been told photography is not allowed during the ceremony and I should wait outside.  While my preferred position is from the front I can still capture some amazing ceremony images from other location, so don’t worry if there are photography restrictions at your ceremony.  Its something that’s always good to ask before your big day so you know what to expect.

Oulton Hall Wedding Photography | Leeds Yorkshire Wedding Photographer
Bagden Hall Wedding Photography | Huddersfield Wedding Photographer
Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel | West Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Beth & Ryan



Shall we talk about group formal photographs?  I think these are such an important part of your wedding day.  How often do you have this many friends and family in the same place, looking this good.  100% I think you should take advantage of it and capture some stunning group images of your friends and family. My aim is to make the group formal process as stress free as I can.  I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to help achieve this, meaning we can capture the formal images and get back to enjoying the wedding.


Some top tips for group formal photographs:

– I recommend between 8-10 ground images.  This normally means we can get some different combinations of family members, friends the wedding party and of course a big pictures of everyone.

– Trust me to find a location that works for the group pictures.  Unfortunately we can’t control the weather and it plays such a big part in the location I will choose.  If we get rain we might have to use an indoor location, bright sun will mean we will try and find an area in shade, every one squinting because the sun is in their eyes is not flattering.

– I always ask for at least two photo helpers.  (Its a very important job.). I normally suggest picking people who know each side of the family arm them with the list and then while we get one group shot they can be gathering the next ready and waiting in the wings.

– I love nothing more than a relaxed informal group image.  Don’t worry I will still get the formal image with every one eyes front looking at the camera.  There is something about the informal moments tho, the bits before or after the formal image where every one is chatting and lathing that can lead to some really wonderful natural moments in amongst the more posed bits.


– I normally start with the biggest group you have chosen and work my way down to the smallest.  Doing this can help with the flow.  If we need to change this tho we can.  You might need to do the groups with the older generation first for example, this is absolutely no problem at all.  Just let me know what works best for you.

– Most of all enjoy it, relax and have fun.  Ill keep things really relaxed I promise.

The Oak Tree Of Peover Wedding Photographer | Manchester Wedding Photography​
West Yorkshire wedding photographer
The Stables at Crossbutts Wedding Photography
The Stables at Cross Butts Wedding Photography | Whitby Wedding Photographer


I really love this part of the day.  For me its a chance to get creative and capture some stunning images of you both to look back on for years to come.  I always understand it’s your wedding day, you have invited all the people who mean the most to you and I’m sure you would like to see them and celebrate your big day. I try not to keep you for long, normally about 20-30 minutes is enough.  After the wedding day, a lot of couples tell me they really enjoyed this part of the day as they were able to escape the main wedding for a short time, breath and chat to each other.  Normally I aim to do the couple pictures after the more formal group pictures, the weather might have other plans tho.  No matter what the weather we can get some stunning images we might have to use the interior of your wedding venue or umbrellas.  If it has been raining for most of the day and we get a dry patch I might grab you for a couple of dry pictures.  The opposite can also happen at it might be a wonderful hot summers day, so I might suggest we do the couple pictures a little later in the day when it’s cooled down a little.  I will try my best to find the best time in your wedding schedule so we can get the best possible pictures.

We might also take a couple of breaks for couple portraits.  If we get an amazing out of this world sunset we can take advance of this and capture some gorgeous sunset couple pictures. Sometimes the opportunity will present its self for some stunning pictures and they will be too good to miss, we can get some extra shots of you both and be spontaneous.

All of my couple portrait sessions are really relaxed and a lot of fun.  A short walk around your venue can make some amazing pictures.  We can then stop at a couple of spots to get some more images of you both together.  I know its some times considered a dirty word but I will offer some light posing to help get the most of the images but I love nothing more than capturing your personality together, the lathing and smiling that you simply can’t recreate.

Holmfirth Vineyard Wedding Photography
Allerton Castle
Hooton Pagnell Hall Wedding Photography-Doncaster Wedding Photographer


So far I have talked a lot about more formal and posed images but I absolutely LOVE candid images.  For me, they are the glue that holds all the other wedding day images together.  The images of the girls getting ready lathing and joking, your grate aunt wiping a tear during the ceremony or the look on the groom’s face as the best man shares his speech with the rest of the wedding guests.  The formal shots are important but there really is something special about pictures of the people who mean the most to you at the moment.  If I was to take an educated guess about 80% of the images I take on a wedding day are completely unposed.  I love nothing more than getting in capturing that big moment and getting in amongst all the action.

Oulton Hall Hotel Wedding Photographer | Oulton Hall Hotel Wedding Photography​
Oulton Hall Hotel Wedding Photography​
Hooton Pagnell Hall Wedding Photography-Doncaster Wedding Photographer


Twilight images are an amazing way to end the night with some amazing images.  These images do take a little bit more time to set up, you might see me disappear to set everything up before asking you to join me.  Normally I will only borrow you away from your guests for about 10 minutes.  These images by there very nature take place a little later in the day but can really produce something a little different from your wedding day.  My twilight image normally form the cover for the wedding album.

west yorkshire wedding photography Leeds wedding photographer
Aldwark Manor Wedding Photographer Aldwark Manor York Wedding Photography
south Yorkshire wedding-photography | Leeds wedding photographer | Dave Waller Photography

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