Kirsty & David | Hazlewood Castle

Why did Kirsty and David choose Hazlewood Castle?

We find it a really peaceful and idyllic setting. The grounds are gorgeous and the Castle is stunning with lots of history. They both make a stunning backdrop to a photo at any time of day!

We always wanted to make sure that whilst we picked somewhere that our family could stay, as most are travelling far, we wanted something that is more than just a hotel and we feel that Hazlewood is the perfect place.

Hazlewood have been really helpful and supportive every step of the way and we just feel very at ease and comfortable from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave. 

Bridal Preparations at Hazlewood Castle

Kirsty chose to get ready at the wedding venue along with the rest of her bridal party.  I met the girls about 2.5 hours before the ceremony, everyone was in good spirits as they got ready for the day ahead.  I started the day photographing a number of the details and the wedding dress.  I was also capturing some more candid images and the girls got ready for the wedding.  It was a fantastic morning, but before long it was time for the wedding ceremony.

Groom Preparations at Hazlewood Castle​

Before the ceremony, we met the groom along with his groomsmen in the Victoria room at Hazlewood Castle.  This is such a fantastic room for Groom prep picture.  The room is dark and moody and I think perfect for this type of photograph.  I am sure David will not mind me saying when he arrived he was a little nervous ahead of the wedding day, but soon relaxed and we were able to capture some truly stunning images, that will form the first chapter in the story of their wedding day. 

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Ceremony

Before long it was time for the main even of any wedding day, the ceremony.  David and Kirsty had chosen to get married in the old dinning room at Hazlewood Castle.  The room its self is a stunning room and was the perfect backdrop for their ceremony.

The Wedding Reception

After the ceremony the newly married couple exited in the the court yard of Hazlewood Castle, before plenty of hugs and congratulations from friends and family.  As the day continued we completed the formal group pictures which Kirsty and David had chosen before taking the couple for a short walk around the grounds of Hazlewood Castle for some pictures between the two of them.  The day continued with the traditional speeches and wedding breakfast.  In the even we were able to take David and Kirsty back out for a short time to capture some after dark images.

A huge thank you to Kirsty and David for letting me be a part of their amazing wedding day at the equally amazing Hazlewood Castle.  Find out more about my wedding photography packages.