A magical evening: Sanchia and James, newlyweds, celebrate under a starlit sky with a sparkling champagne toast outside an elegant manor house at Waterton Park.

Waterton Park Wedding Photographer – Sanchia and James

Waterton Park Wedding Photographer

Champaign spray by the bride and good at Waterton Park West Yorkshire

Sanchia and James Waterton Park Wedding

From Sanchia and James

James and I met 5 and a half years ago at our local club, we were good friends and started to get to know each other better, James and I fell in love and he surprised me by taking me to Paris to propose to me and it was absolutely perfect. Waterton Park Hotel was the first wedding venue we visited and we gave each other a look and knew it was for us, the lake around and the picture perfect bridge and house! We booked it there and then because we loved it.

The Wedding Day at Waterton Park Hotel.

On the morning of the wedding day, I first met Sanchia at the hotel at Waterton Park.  Sanchia had chosen to get ready at Waterton Park making it really easy for her and the rest of the wedding party to get to the ceremony.  When I arrive the bridal party was getting ready for the wedding day ahead, everyone was in good spirits and the room was filled with energy.  Before long it was time to meet the groom and his groomsmen, Waterton Park lent its self to be the perfect backdrop as they finished getting ready for the day and applied their final touches.  We were able to capture some natural moments between the men as well as some slightly more posed pictures. 

The Wedding Ceremony at Waterton Park

The wedding ceremony between Sanchia and James was held at Waterton Park.  The ceremony room was all set and looked truly stunning.  As James waited at the end of the aisle for his bride the ceremony started with the entrance of a flower man closely followed by flowers girls and bridesmaids.  As Sanchia made her entrance you could clearly see James was moved and was overwhelmed by emotion.  It’s these moments I love and am truly honored to be able to capture such personal and precious moments.  As the ceremony continued Sanchia and James changed rings and vows in front of their family and friends before a first kiss as husband and wife.  The new couple then lead the rest of the wedding party out of the ceremony to the bridge of Waterton Park, here we stopped briefly for a confetti picture before heading across the Bridge to continue the wedding day,

The Wedding Reception at Waterton Park

After we crossed the Bridge to Waterton Park we took some group photographs of the couple and their family.  These had been chosen by the bride and the groom before their wedding, I normally recommend between 8-10 so they don’t keep you away from the main wedding for long.  After we had finished these pictures we took Sanchia and James for a walk around the outstanding grounds of Waterton Park for some fun relaxed pictures of them both together.  Waterton Park Hotel has some truly outstanding locations for photographs both inside and out, as wedding photographers we really were spoiled for choice.  Before long Sanchia and James headed back to enjoy some time with their friends and family, this gave us a fantastic opportunity to capture some candid images of the bride and groom and all their wedding guests enjoying the day.  The day continued in the traditional way with speeches wedding breakfast and the first dance.  

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