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Waterton Park Hotel Wedding Photography

You may have found this page if you are looking for a Waterton Park Wedding Photographer.  As a Waterton Park wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of working at many stunning venues throughout the UK. However, one venue that truly stands out to me is the Waterton Park Hotel in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Located just a short drive from the city of Leeds, Waterton Park Hotel is a beautiful Georgian mansion surrounded by 26 acres of stunning parkland, with a picturesque lake providing a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. The hotel’s grand entrance hall, elegant dining room and luxurious bedrooms make it the perfect venue for a truly special wedding.

I’ve always been amazed by the Waterton Park Hotel’s lighting as a wedding photographer. Large windows spread throughout the structure allow natural light to pour in, providing a lovely and cheerful ambiance ideal for taking excellent pictures. With the lake and gardens serving as a gorgeous backdrop for love-themed photographs, the parkland outside also offers plenty of chances for outdoor photography. 

The care that the staff takes to ensure that every part of the wedding day is perfect is one of my favourite things about the Waterton Park Hotel. The staff is always there to assist couples with any needs they may have, making sure that everything goes well and that every special moment is wonderfully documented.

The Waterton Park Hotel is the ideal location for both a small, private wedding and a large party with all of your friends and family. As a wedding photographer, I’m always inspired and ecstatic when I get the chance to record special moments at such a breathtaking site. 


The Waterton Park Hotel is an excellent option to take into account if you’re looking for a wedding location that offers both elegance and scenic beauty. And as a wedding photographer, I would be honoured to work with you to document your special day and produce priceless memories that you will cherish forever.

Waterton Park Wedding Photography Packages.

History Of Waterton Park Hotel

Thomas Waterton started constructing the Waterton mansion, which is still standing today, in 1767. It presently goes by the name of Waterton Park Hotel. He lived on the Walton estate for a few years after Thomas Waterton’s death in 1805, leaving him as the land’s heir. 

Charles Walton started constructing a wall around the estate in 1821 in order to conserve the species there and create the first-ever nature reserve.  The wall cost £9000 and was constructed over a whopping 5 years. That would be worth a very substantial £2.5 million in today’s money. The park was divided from the surrounding area by a wall that was 3 miles long. 

The hall served as a maternity home in the 1940s and once more in the early 1950s and 1960s.

Why should you pick me as your wedding photographer in Waterton Park?

I have a good understanding of Walton Hall, the island, and the surrounding countryside for the greatest wedding photo opportunities in all weather and seasons. Over the years, I’ve photographed weddings at Walton Hall at Waterton Park Hotel in lovely weather as well as in snow and rain, but regardless of the weather, I always make sure you leave with wonderful wedding images, memories, and a magnificent wedding photo album. 

All wedding photography packages, including those at Walton Hall, include a full day of coverage, from getting ready to the evening dances, a big screen presentation of your wedding photos during the evening reception, a lavish wedding photo album, and digital files that are perfect for sharing on social media. 

Real Weddings at Waterton Park Hotel Wakefeild

Waterton Park Hotel is a fantastic wedding venue.  Below you can find some real world weddings.

Hollie & Matt 

Sanchia and James

Waterton Park Hotel
West Yorkshire