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bride and groom at sunset at Hazlewood Castle | Hazlewood Castle wedding photographer Dave Waller

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography | Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographer | Leeds Wedding Photographer

You might have found this page if you are looking for Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographer.  Hazlewood Castle is one of my all time top wedding photography venues.    

A privately owned luxury Castle hotel and popular Yorkshire wedding venue, Wedding Photography at Hazlewood Castle is an absolute treat.  There are so many wedding photography location at Hazlewood Castle you can be sure what ever the weather or season to come away with stunning wedding day photographs.  Hazlewood Castle itself has 32 bedrooms and suites, a day spa, kitchen garden, outdoor adventure activities, meeting, conference and event space, Woodland event space with cabins, waterfall, tree bar and dancefloor, St. Leonard’s Chapel and the Vavasour Restaurant.  

Hazelwood Castle is situated just off the A64 close to the A1 with easy access to both Leeds and York and the rest of Yorkshire. The castle was build towards the end of the 13th century and is one of the oldest fortified houses to survive in the whole of Yorkshire. Hazlewood Castle was restored in 1996 and reopen in 1997 as Hazlewood Castle Hotel-Restaurant-Café and Cookery School. 

Wedding Photographer Hazelwood Castle

Hazlewood Castle is a truly stunning luxury Castle hotel and wedding venue in Yorkshire.  The castle is set in 77 acres of woodland and amazing gardens.  Hazlewood Castle is truly magical and can make wedding memories last a lifetime

Your wedding photographs at Hazlewood Castle will make a beautiful keep sake of one of the biggest days in a couples lives, your wedding day. It can be assured that all of the time and effort that was put into making every detail of your wedding day perfect for the both of you will be remembered. Renowned for my relaxed, informal and unobtrusive style of wedding photography I can help each and every couple feel comfortable in front of a camera.

In addition to Hazlewood Castle, we also work with various other top-rated venues, including Cave Castle, Holmfirth VineyardRogerthorpe Manor Hotel, and many more. Each venue offers its own unique charm and ambiance, and our team will work with you to choose the best location for your wedding photography.

All wedding photography packages including those at Hazlewood Castle include a full day’s attendance from bridal preparation to evening dances, a large screen display of your wedding photographs during the evening reception.

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographer | Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller
bride preparation at Hazelwood Castle wedding day
bride at Hazlewood Castle on her wedding day

Hazlewood Castle Chapel Weddings

Hazlewood Castle is a perfect location if you are thinking of having a church wedding.  The chapel its self is called St Leonard’s Chapel.  The grounds of the castle also hosts its very own chapel.  The amazing vicar Father Ian is happy to accommodate you and your wedding day.  The chapel is called St Leonard’s Chapel and is stunning both inside and out.  Father Ian is always very accommodating for photography and helps get the perfect images to remember your day.

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographer | Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller
Hazlewood Castle wedding photography

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographer

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography normally starts in the morning with bridal preparations.  Hazlewood Castle has a number of large rooms suitable for bridal preparations.  The start of any wedding day is always filled with so many emotions, it not only forms the start of your story for the day but also the start of a new chapter in your life.  I normally arrive about 3 hours before the ceremony.  This give me plenty of time to not only capture images from the bride prep but also the stunning Hazlewood Castle all set up for your wedding day.  I normally recommend to the bride that the bridle party are ready in plenty of time, this means we can take some bridle portraits before the wedding day gets underway.

Besides, I also offer a range of wedding photography options to suit your style and preferences. From candid shots to posed portraits, outdoor locations to indoor settings, I have something for everyone. Plus, with our extensive selection of venues in Wakefield, Halifax, Leeds, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your photo shoot.

Hazlewood Castle wedding photography

A confetti photograph is one of my favourite images to capture on any wedding day. If you decide to have this photograph after a church ceremony or after a civil ceremony at Hazlewood Castle you can be assured of a fun picture to look back on your wedding day.

Hazlewood Castle wedding photography
Hazlewood Castle wedding photography

The grounds of Hazlewood Castle offer a wide selection of areas to explore for wedding day photographs between the couple.  From a woodland area to blossom trees and of course the castle its self offers an amazing backdrop for your wedding day pictures.

Hazlewood Castle wedding photography

Hazlewood Castle not only offers a stunning backdrop for bride preparations but also for groom preparations.  The image above is a groom waiting for his wedding day to begin.  At Dave Waller Photography, I offer a second photographer included in select packaged, meaning that your wedding photography can literally be in two places at once.

Don’t settle for mediocre wedding photos. Choose Dave Waller Photography for an experienced and passionate photographer to capture your wedding day at Hazlewood Castle or any other stunning venue in the Bradford, Keighley, and Huddersfield areas. Get in touch today to learn more about my wedding photography services and to schedule a consultation.


Hazlewood Castle wedding photography
Hazlewood Castle wedding photography
Hazlewood Castle wedding photography
Hazlewood Castle wedding photography

Hazlewood Castle in Yorkshire. Privately owned  Yorkshire castle wedding venue.

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