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Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Photographer | Cheshire Wedding photography


Last week I had the privilege to attend Adel and Ashleys wedding at Sanhole Oak Barn in Cheshire.

Both Adele and Ashley chose to get ready at the stunning Sanhole Oak Barn in Cheshire. As the bride and the groom were both getting ready at the venue it meant I was able to capture the start of the day from both perspectives. Both parties were relaxed and looking forward to the wedding day ahead, Sandhole Oak Barn was also the perfect backdrop to start their wedding day.

The Wedding ceremony took place at Sandhole Oak Barn and it looked stunning. The day continued with relaxed group wedding pictures before I was able to explore Sandhole Oak Barn with the couple to capture some amazing sun set wedding day pictures.

The day continued with the traditional wedding day speeches before a wedding day breakfast. The rest of the day was filled with fun and joy from Adel and Ashleys guests who have traveled to share in their wedding day at Sanhole Oak Barn. The evening finished with the traditional cutting of the wedding cake and the couples first dance as husband and wife. We were able to take one last picture in the evening, it started to rain so I decided to take full advantage of the weather and capture a stunning wedding day picture incorporating the rain and Sandhole Oak Barn as the backdrop.

Sandhole Oak Barn itself has been design from from the group up with weddings in mine and was completed in 2005 and is still a family run business. Sandhole Oak Barn has a truly fairy-tail fell with amazing views of the surrounding Cheshire countryside. Sandhole Oak Barn has the option of ceremonies inside in the beautiful Oak Barn or outside under the Clock Tower looking out on the stunning views of Cheshire. Sanhole Oak Barn is a truly stunning Cheshire wedding venue with onsite luxury accommodation you can enjoy your entire wedding in one single location.

With so many stunning wedding photography locations at Sandhole Oak Barn and Cheshire Wedding Photographer will be truly spoilt for choice.

Sandhole Oak Barn is an amazing wedding venue and I can not wait to return, thank you to Adele & Ashley for choosing me as there Wedding Photographer and thank you to Sandhole Oak Barn for being a stunning venue for their wedding day.

With experience of photographing weddings at Sandhole Oak Barn you can be assured that I know the wedding venue and photography locations both inside and outside for your wedding day. Ensuring that whatever the weather your Sandhole Oak Barn wedding photographs will be a stunning reminder of your wedding day.

You can find all my packages for Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Photography and other wedding venues access the Manchester and Cheshire area here.

Please feel free to get in contact with me if your having your wedding day at Sandhole Oak Barn here.

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