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Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer | Allerton Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller

Allerton Castle Wedding Photography

Hiring a professional Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer to capture the precious moments of your special day is essential. Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones in your life, and choosing the right photographer can make all the difference. Trust Dave Waller Photography to capture the essence of your Allerton Castle wedding with unparalleled skill and artistry.

With my expertise and artistic eye, I will ensure that every beautiful detail and heartfelt emotion is preserved forever in timeless photographs. From the breathtaking scenery surrounding the castle to the joyful expressions on the faces of your loved ones, a top Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer like me will be able to capture it all with precision and creativity. 

My experience in photographing weddings at this historic venue enables me to navigate the unique challenges and make the most of Allerton Castle’s stunning backdrop.

If you are looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer in Allerton Castle, feel free to contact me.

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Allerton Castle Pre Wedding Couple Photography.

Allerton Castle Full Wedding Day.

Allerton Castle Wedding Venue

Allerton Castle is one of Yorkshire’s grandest castle wedding day venues. Situated in the North Yorkshire countryside Allerton Castle is a beautifully preserved relic of the early modern aristocracy. Built by the premier Baron of England, Lord Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton in the 1840s, this Allerton Castle is steeped in history. Allerton Castle is open to the public on select days for guided tours, as well as being the filming location for many TV and films.

The Castle is such a magical place for your wedding day and any Yorkshire Wedding Photographer will truly be spoilt for choice for your wedding day photography locations. Allerton Castle has such grandeur yet feels very welcoming at the same time. On your wedding day, it is possible to invite up to 120 guests for your civil ceremony and wedding day breakfast. Allerton Castle gives you exclusive use of the castle both inside and out. The castle offers plenty of unique areas to create some simple stunning Allerton Castle wedding photographs

Allerton Castle is a must-see for any couple looking for a wedding venue in the Yorkshire area.

Allerton Castle

Allerton Ln, 

Allerton Mauleverer, 

Knaresborough West Yorkshire


Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer

Allerton Castle is a magnificent and historic venue for your wedding day. As one of the castle’s trusted and experienced wedding photographers, I am well-versed in every inch of this stunning location. I know exactly where to take you to ensure that your wedding day pictures are nothing short of perfection. My style of photography is contemporary and documentary, and I will be there with you for most of the day to capture each and every moment from the biggest belly laughs to the most heartfelt tears. In addition, I also specialize in formal portraits, and I will work with you to create stunning images of the two of you together. We will take a leisurely stroll around the castle, capturing the essence of your love amid the castle’s beautiful surroundings. With my keen eye and my passion for photography, I will turn your wedding day into an unforgettable experience with stunning photographs that will transport you back in time every time you look at them.

Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer | Allerton Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller
Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer | Professional Allerton Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller
Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer | Professional Allerton Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller

The History Of Allerton Castle

Allerton Castle is a magnificent example of Grade I Gothic Revival architecture, boasting a stunning Victorian mansion that is steeped in history. Located in the charming town of Knaresborough in West Yorkshire, England, the castle dates back to 1843 when it was built by the famous architect, George Martin. It was originally constructed for Prince Frederick Augustus, who was the Duke of York and Albany at the time and was known for his love of opulent living. The castle’s design was inspired by the Gothic architecture of the 14th century, with its grandiose appearance reflecting the influential period of history.

Throughout the years, the castle has been through several transformations, including being sold to philanthropist Samuel Ellis in 1863, and later acquired by Lord Mowbray in 1885 who added further to its grandeur. It served as a venue during World War II where the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Army Ordnance Corps occupied it. Additionally, it became a Catholic seminary before being acquired by Dr. Gerald Rolph in 1983, who dedicated his time to restoring it to its former glory. Today, Allerton Castle is revered as one of the most popular tourist attractions for its stunning Gothic Revival architecture and is popular among those looking for an idyllic wedding or event venue. Moreover, it has been featured in several films, making it a distinctly unique attraction.

Groom Preperation

Allerton Castle Wedding Photography goes above and beyond to offer a truly remarkable experience for grooms on their special day. The team at Allerton Castle understands that every aspect of a wedding should be picture-perfect, and that includes the groom’s pre-ceremony photography. That’s why they have curated an exceptional selection of stunning locations, specifically chosen for their aesthetics, to serve as picturesque backdrops that truly enhance the imagery captured.

The billiard room at Allerton Castle is a prime example, as it boasts a truly breathtaking setting that highlights the groom and his bridal party. Whether standing, sitting or even playing a game at the table, the billiard room sets the scene for unforgettable photos that will last a lifetime. And that’s just the beginning, because after capturing the perfect shots in the billiard room, the rest of Allerton Castle itself offers up even more breathtaking vistas and vivid settings. With Allerton Castle Wedding Photography, grooms can be sure that their memories from their big day will be captured in the best light possible.

Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer | Professional Allerton Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller

Bridal Preparation

Allerton Castle is not just a wedding venue – it’s the perfect setting for your bridal preparations too! With its idyllic location, Allerton Castle provides a luxurious and scenic backdrop that is guaranteed to capture the essence of your special day. The bride’s room itself is a spacious and gorgeous area that exudes elegance, charm and sophistication. Its beautiful interiors, combined with the natural light that flows in, creates a magical ambiance that is sure to make any bride feel like a princess. Furthermore, the room provides the ideal environment for capturing stunning images of the bride getting ready amidst a tranquil and serene atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Make your wedding day memorable and indulge in the royal treatment that Allerton Castle has to offer – book your bridal preparations with us today!

allerton castle Wedding Photography

Allerton Castle the Perfect Wedding Day Backdrop

When you think of a fairytale wedding venue Allerton Castle is up there with some of the best.  At Allerton Castle, it is possible to invite up to 120 guests for your wedding day ceremony, in the evening the castle can hold up to 200 wedding guests.  The castle is exclusively yours on your wedding day, both the indoor and outdoor space.  There are some amazing locations to explore making it that little bit easier to create outstanding Allerton Castle wedding photographs.

Allerton Castle is without a doubt an absolutely breathtaking castle wedding venue that will leave you completely awestruck! The grandeur of this magnificent castle is unparalleled and its splendour will simply take your breath away! Built in classic Gothic style, the castle is at once imposing, monumental and simply mesmerising. One of its finest and most attractive features, without a doubt, is the grate hall that boasts of a stunning staircase that leads up to the inner sanctum of the castle. Imagine the sheer drama of your grand entrance on your special day – it’s sure to be nothing short of spectacular! And then, of course, there’s the majestic Ballroom that just oozes charm and sophistication, making it the perfect setting for your romantic wedding breakfast. If that wasn’t enough, the glorious grounds of the castle offer a stunning backdrop that is simply breathtaking to behold. Come rain or shine, season after season, Allerton Castle is the perfect setting for your wedding day, guaranteed to leave you with memories to last a lifetime!

Such a fantastic castle wedding venue.  This is one of those wedding day venues you simply must make the time to visit.  Allerton Castle looks amazing what ever the time of year, the beautiful gardens and grounds contrast well with the gothic architecture of the stunning Allerton Castle.

Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer | Professional Allerton Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller
Allerton Castle
allerton castle Wedding Photography

Allerton Castle is a non-profit stately home which is ran by the Rolph Foundation.  The Rolph Foundation mission is to preserve and restore the Victorian stately home for both pleasure and history.  Allerton Castle is a grade 1 listed building and is a truly unique venue for your wedding day 

Allerton Castle Wedding Photographer | Professional Allerton Castle Wedding Photography by Dave Waller

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