How long do the wedding pictures take?

Wentbridge House Hotel Wedding Photographer

I am often asked, ” How long do we need to allow for the Wedding Pictures?”  Below I have put an idea for timing, every wedding is different and I am more than happy to discuss your plans and how we can fit the wedding photography to suite your day.

From the group formals to the couple portrait shoot there are normally a number of images which you will want on a wedding day.  How long should you allow for each of the images?  Below I out like approximately how long each photography section takes, please understand that some might take longer depending on the size of the groups and other factors.

Bride Preparation – I normally like about 2 hours for the bridle preparation, this gives us plenty of time for photographs including all the details with out being rushed.

Group Formal Picture – I normally recommend between 8 – 10 formal pictures.  Each image take about 5 minutes.  

Groom Preparation – This normally take about 15-20 minutes and is normally done before the ceremony at the venue.


Couple Portrait images – I normally like 20 – 30 minutes with the couple.  Depending on the light I might also steal you away for a couple of minute later in the day if we get something special.

Twilight Photography – This is normally done early evening as its starting to get dark.  I will set everything up before asking you to come over, it normally takes about 15 minutes and we will be able to get some stunning images.

bride and groom at Carlton towers on their wedding day in the rain