Reasons why you should book a second photographer.

Planning your wedding can day can be a little confusing its not something you have done before and you want to make it perfect.  Is it worth considering 2 photographers?  I think a second photographer can bring so much to your wedding day.  Below I look at some reasons I think it is worth having a second photographer on your wedding day.

1 – It’s impossible to be in two places at once. 

One of the best benefits of having two photographers is you can literally be in two places at once.  It means that you can capture two events from your wedding day that are happening at the same time.  For example when the couple head off to have their formal couple images the second photographer can stay with the wedding guests and capture what’s going on at the main wedding.  It also means 1 photographer can be capturing the final bridal preparations while the other photographer is capturing your guest arriving at the ceremony.  The list is endless where two things can be happening at the same time and its nice to capture as many as possible.

allerton castle Wedding Photography
allerton castle Wedding Photography

2 – More candid images.

On your wedding day, the main photographer will be focusing on capturing all the key moments from your wedding day, the formal pictures, the cake cutting, etc as well as all the candid moments in between.  A second photographer can focus on the candid moments as they will know the main photographer is capturing the more formal ones.  This quite simply means for you more candid images, more of those court of guard images and more of those funny moment images.  I love candid images, blending in and capturing your wedding day as it unfolds.

3 – Don’t want to miss a thing.


If we are limited on time having a second photographer will ensure we don’t miss a thing.  One photographer could be taking pictures of the reception details the other could be taking the formal group images.  A second photographer gives you a lot more flexibility.

The Oak Tree Of Peover Wedding Photographer | Manchester Wedding Photography​

4. More Photos.

I always believe in quality over quantity.  But it’s simple, having more photographers will equal more pictures from your wedding day.  By having a second photographer more of your wedding day will be covered subsequently meaning you will receive more images.  The hard part is you now have even more images to choose from when it comes to choosing photographs for your wedding album.

A second photographer can be added to your wedding photography package alternatively I have a number of packages with second photographers included.  If you click the link below you can take a look at my current wedding photography packages.  If you would like more information please feel free to get in contact.

Wedding photography package information can be found here.